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Students are required to complete the eLearning Orientation prior to enrolling in online courses.  If you have already completed the orientation in a previous semester you do not have to take it again.

 If you are enrolled in the current section of the orientation, access it under your My Courses quick link. 

To request enrollment in the free eLearning Orientation, email


To log in to myANC, type your 9 digit Student ID into the Username box and the last four digits of your SSN in the password box. If the last four digits of your SSN begin with a zero, drop it and begin with the next non-zero digit. Need help logging in? Click HERE.
The school email URL is or just click on the ANC Mail link in the left sidebar of this screen.   Click HERE for information about school email accounts.
School email accounts are created each weekday evening but may take up to 3 days to establish, depending on weekends and holidays.       

Inclement Weather Policy

When the Chief Academic Officer, or designated official, determines, based on available data, that the weather or other conditions have made roads impassable, the news media will be notified that the College is closed. Closings will be effective for all College operations, on and off campus. 

In the event of inclement weather, please tune to one of the radio/TV stations listed for information concerning the College closing. Our local radio station (96.3FM) and KAIT TV Channel 8 in Jonesboro, will be the two notified first because they are the fastest and easiest of our media to contact during inclement weather. 

Television/Radio Stations:
KAIT TV Channel 8                 Jonesboro
KLCN Radio (910 AM)             Blytheville
KHLS Radio Station (96.3 FM) Blytheville
KOSE Radio Station (860 FM) Osceola
Text Messaging:
If you have not signed up for cell messaging you may do so through the myANC portal. To sign up to receive text messages from ANC, log in to myANC and then click the Cell Messaging tab at the top of the screen.
Choose your carrier and enter your phone number. Click the button to send a text message to your phone.
The text message you receive will include a confirmation number. To complete the cell messaging registration process acknowledging ANC is permitted to text to your phone, enter the confirmation code into the box provided on the Cell Messaging tab and click the submit button.

Official ANC App:
The official Arkansas Northeastern College mobile app sends push notifications to alert you about closings due to inclement weather as well. It is available free for Android and Apple devices. If you would like to download the app, type in Arkansas Northeastern College in the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

ANC Homepage and myANC:
The ANC Homepage ( and the myANC portal( both display notifications about closings.  

Automated Phone Message:
The automated phone message is updated to indicate college closings due to inclement weather.  The college phone number is 870-762-1020.

We use as many avenues as possible to keep you informed.  Use the one(s) that best serve you.

Thank you.