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Online Course Evaluations are closing soon!

If you are enrolled in an online class for Spring 2016, check your email for your course evaluation link.  These evaluations are very important to us so please take a minute to fill one out on each online course you are enrolled in.  Tell us what you loved about your course, tell us how helpful we were to your learning process, let us know how we can improve learning experiences for future students - it's your story to tell!

If you cannot find your emailed link, contact


Students are required to complete the eLearning Orientation prior to enrolling in online courses.  If you have already completed the orientation in a previous semester you do not have to take it again.

If you are enrolled in the current section of the orientation, access it until your My Courses quick link. 

To request enrollment in the free eLearning Orientation, email

To log in to myANC, type your 9 digit Student ID into the Username box and the last four digits of your SSN in the password box. If the last four digits of your SSN begin with a zero, drop it and begin with the next non-zero digit. Need help logging in? Click HERE or email the Helpdesk at
The school email URL is or just click on the ANC Mail link in the left sidebar of this screen.  To log in to ANC email accounts, type your first name a period and your last name into the Username box and the nine digits of your Student ID in the password box. You will be asked to set your own password the first time you access your School Email. Need help logging in? Click HERE or email the Helpdesk at
School email accounts may take up to 3 days to establish.       

Email Questions to Rosemary Lowe at


Have a question that you need answered but don't know who to call?
1.  During regular business hours, call 870-762-1020 and explain your question.  Your call will be redirected.
2.  After hours, contact the ANC Helpdesk and leave a clear, detailed message.  Within a few hours, you will be directed to the person that can provide you an answer to your question.
ANC Main Number:  870-762-1020 (quickest access to help during regular business hours -#1 above)
Helpdesk by
phone: 870-780-1262
Helpdesk by email: