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We are recruiting for student voice committee members. Email any one of the advisors to sign up.,,, or 


Student voice is an expression of any ...

Kearra Coleman contact Jody Hipwell at to claim you prize if you have not already done so.

What is student voice?

Student voice is any expression of any learner regarding anything related to education and describes the distinct perspectives and actions of students throughout schools focused on education. Student voice is giving students the abi...

The past two weeks we've had questions around the ANC campus and we've encouraged students to participate by writing comments on index cards, we also encouraged the students to write their name and/or student ID number to enter a drawing. Our drawings wil...

Third question! How can ANC make learning fun for you? Write your responses and put them in one of our reflection boxes located around the ANC campuses! Student's let your voice be heard!


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