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Copyright - General
Copyright Law of the United States - Circular 92
Copyright Myths Explained
From The University of Texas
Multimedia Guidelines for Fair Use in Distance Learning
Copyright in the Library - Reserve Resources
Discussion of Fair Use including the 4 Fair Use Factors
The four fair use factors: What is the character of the use? What is the nature of the work to be used? How much of the work will you use? What effect would this use have on the market for the original or for permissions if the use were widespread?
Copyright Tutorial
Georgia Harper's Crash Course in Copyright
From Purdue University
Copyright Infringement Penalities
Face to Face Instructors
Virtual Instruction
Getting Permission - Includes Sample Letters
- From the Educational CyberPlayground, Inc.
Comprehensive Guidelines - Written for K-12
Cambridge University Press v Becker

Three publishers, Cambridge, SAGE Publications and Oxford University Press, filed suit against Georgia State University in 2008.  This case was originally filed as Cambridge v Patton (the GSU President at the time of filing) and is commonly known as the Georgia State University ereserves case.  It took four years for a ruling.

Chronicle of Higher Education - May 2012
Duke University take on GSU decision - May 2012
Inside Higher Ed - Aug 2012 injunction denied
Publishers Plan to Appeal GSU Ruling - September 2012
Checklist for Fair Use - Face to Face
Guidelines and Rules for Fair Use
Writing for Permission - Sample Letters - Columbia University
Checklist/Guidelines for TEACH Act Fair Use - Online
Basic TEACH Checklist with Discussion - The University of Texas
Checklist is at the bottom of the webpage
American Library Association on the TEACH Act
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