ANC Best Practices 2021





2021-2022 Electronic Graduation Application.pdf

A Little Slice of Pie visual Representations of Grades in Comp II First Day Handouts.pdf

A New Beginning for the Liberal Arts at ANC.pdf

ADN Faculty Lounge_Best Practices Submission_TPankey.pdf

Advising Widget.pdf

ANC Internal Phone & Employee Directory Update.pdf

Aviation Database BPS.docx

Aviation Maintenance Student Handbook.pdf

Biology Lab in the Multimodal Deliver Format 2022.pdf

Bringing the Visual Arts Online.pdf

Career Pathways Informational Video.docx

Celestial Care Virtual Scenario.pdf

Deferred Adjudication Resulting In New Growth DARING.pdf

Documents, Spreadsheet and Forms, Oh My!.pdf

Drop Withdrawal Google Form for Efficiency and Real Time Sharing.pdf

Electronic Transcripts.pdf

Engaging Lectures with Camtasia, Audacity, and Storyblock.pdf

GED Mobile Lab_Best Practices Symposium Submission.pdf

Graduate Survery.pdf

Implementation of the HR Corner.pdf

Industrial Maintenance Program BP.pdf

Internship Workshop & Advisory Meeting.pdf

Making Student Thinking Visible using the Desmos Activity Builder.pdf

Mini Job Fairs.pdf

Modular Skills Trainer.pdf

NurseScape Room.pdf

Nursing Home Simulation.pdf

Other ANC Resources.pdf

Peg Tube Feeding Simulator.pdf

Personnel, Employment & Benefits Manual.pdf

Policy & Procedure Manual for Simulation.pdf

Registering to Vote whie Applying for a Job.pdf

Removing Barriers to English Co-requisites.pdf

Solutions Group Delivers Custom Training Virtually.pdf

Stacey Teaches Excel Again.pdf

STOP and TIME OUT for patient safety.pdf

Students Making Connection Student Support Services.docx

Student's Self Reflection Survey.pdf

The Writing Process-Using Draft Meetings to Increase Student Engagement in Writing.pdf

Tools to Streamline Assessment Data Collection and Reporting.pdf

Tutoring Services Adapt During Pandemic.pdf

Zoom Link.pdf

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