When e-mailing through myANC, please follow these rules:
  • Create a subject line that describes in 5-7 words the e-mail's topic.  
  • Please sign your first and last name at the end of the message. 
  • Please type the course you are in after your name.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation. Save the all lower case, no punctuation, emoticons, and abbreviations for your texting to others.
Here's an example of a sample email that does not provide much information to your instructor:
Subject:  I'm lost
Message:  I can't get the assignment to send.  It won't let me.
Improved version that gives the instructor enough information to provide you guidance:
Subject:  Having trouble with the Week 1 Paragraph assignment
Mr., Mrs. or Dr. and  "instructor's lastname",
I typed up my Week 1 Paragraph assignment in Word and saved the file to my flash drive. When I went back to the assignment to send the file to you, I can't find the upload link to attach it to the assignment.  I saw it earlier.  Do you think it's because I am past the due date?
I appreciate any help you can give me.
Jane Doe
World Lit I