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I know, you're thinking "Portlet?  What is a Portlet?"  Don't let the term throw you; it's just the myANC way of saying 'section.'  Be sure to complete the 5 Beginning Steps found to the left of this section before moving on to the portlets below.
Email Portlet - Email is an important feature of myANC and is one way your instructors can keep in touch with you and you with them.  To learn about myANC email and practice using it, Click Here or click on the page myANC Email in the left sidebar.
Forums Portlet - Forums are discussion groups that often are an important part of an online course.  To learn about forums and practice using them, Click Here or click on the page Forums in the left sidebar.
Coursework Portlet - The coursework portlet contains tests, quizzes and assignments in your online course and often is renamed to indicate that those are the items you will find there.  Although we currently cannot practice taking a quiz, you can read all about how to submit online assignments on the Coursework page in the left sidebar or just Click Here.
Gradebook Portlet - The gradebook portlet can give you a good indication of your current progress in your course.  Your grade in any particular course is computed according to the First Day Handout (FDH) or syllabus your instructor provided for you.  Because the gradebook does not handle all grading variances, never consider the grade showing in the gradebook to be absolutely accurate.  It will accurate to the point the instructor has graded work but you may have some assignments still ungraded that will affect the grade showing when grading is completed. If in doubt, manually compute your grade using the criteria in the FDH.  The gradebook will give you a very good indication of your progress in the course.  To read about the gradebook, Click Here or click on the Gradebook page in the sidebar.