I don't know my Student ID.

Your Student ID is listed on the billing statement you received at the business office when you registered. It is the 9-digit number underneath the date. It looks something like this: 1230-04321. If you do not have your billing statement or other paperwork that has your Student ID on it, by Statehouse Halland ask at Student Services. You will need your ANC Student ID card or government issued photo ID.

If you do not live near enough to stop by Statehouse Hall, email the Helpdesk using your ANC school email account or the personal email account you listed with us. This can begin the process of verifying your identity. You will need to answer several questions and we will send your ID number ONLY when we are confident we are sending it to the correct person.


I know my Student ID and my password, but I still can't log in to myANC.

Be sure you are typing your Student ID without any hyphens. Just type the 9 digits straight through. Contact the Helpdesk at ANCHelp@smail.anc.edu if you have never logged in and it isn't working for you OR if you have logged in previously, reset your password and can't remember it. We can't look your password up but we can reset it back to the last four digits of your SSN.