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I tried to log in using my SSN and my Campus Connect username, but neither one worked.
You can only log in to the portal (myANC) using your Student ID.  Your SSN, WebCT ID or Campus Connect usernames won't work.
I don't know my Student ID.
Your Student ID is listed on the billing statement you received at the business office when you registered.  It is the 9-digit number underneath the date.  It looks something like this: 1230-04321.  It may also be on paperwork you received from the Advising Center when you met with an Advising Specialist. 
If you cannot locate it, contact the Admissions area or the ANC Helpdesk (you can call the school number 870-762-1020 and ask to be transferred or you can email the helpdesk at  You will need to verify your identity before your Student ID can be given to you. 
I know my Student ID and my Campus Connect password, but I still can't log in to myANC.
Be sure you are typing your Student ID without any hyphens.  Just type the 9 digits straight through.
Also, if your Campus Connect password begins with a leading zero (ex. 0874), do not use the leading zero when logging in to myANC.  If your Campus Connect password begins with two leading zeros (ex. 0037), drop both leading zeros and only use the 37 as your myANC password.
I think I'm doing everything correctly but I still can't log in to myANC. 
Call or email the ANC Helpdesk.  The school number is 762-1020 and ask for the myANC Helpdesk.  The email address is