The First Day Handout (FDH) is a very important document in your course.   

Click on the Department Name in the left sidebar, then click on the course name shown to find a sample of the First Day Handout for your class. 

First Day Handouts are labeled with the last name of the instructor.  Consult your schedule to see which instructor's FDH is the right one for you.

These First Day Handouts are current, but representative.  The FDH provided to you by your instructor during the first week of class is the FDH that prevails for your course.
When a First Day Handout is not available, the departmental syllabus will be provided.

Instructors:  To add your FDH, just click on your subject area, click on the course name, Add a Post.  For the Subject, put your name (or just last name) and if you want you can add the semester (ex. Fall 2010).  Attach your FDH (or multiple FDH if you want to put up several different sections) and save.  

To update your FDH just EDIT your Post, update the subject heading as needed, remove the old version(s) and attach the new version(s).  In future semesters, DO NOT DELETE the Post and add a new one, just update as explained here.

Email the Academic Technology Coordinator if a course topic needs to be added or deleted.