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Announcement:  Arkansas Northeastern College

RN and LPN Program Selection Process for the new Fall 2020 Classes


Due to the COVID-19 crises the application process for both the RN and LPN Programs was extended to 5/30/2020 to ensure all qualified applicants had ample time to complete and submit their application and PAX testing results. However, the class selection process will be implemented in three phases beginning May 27, 2020. 

Phase 1:  Using the selection criteria for the RN and LPN Programs as outlined in their respective Information Guidelines (refer to links below), students will be ranked and letters of invitation for admission will be mailed out to qualified applicants who are in the top one third of the projected class size.

Estimated time for mailing of Phase 1 letters: May 27, 2020

Phase 2:  The remaining qualified applicants will be ranked again according to the selection criteria for each program and letters of invitation for admission or alternate status will be mailed to potentially complete the projected class size.

Estimated time for mailing of Phase 2 letters: June 10, 2020

Phase 3:  The remaining applicants must have submitted their application by May 30th and meet minimal ADN and/or PN admission criteria to include an official PAX score of 100 or greater for consideration.  Once individual student files are complete, the student will be ranked and selection determined by the number of seats available at the time of ranking.  Admission status letters will be mailed at that time.


RN Program Information Guidelines/Selection Criteria

LPN Program Information Guidelines/Selection Criteria


Students who have applied for both the ADN (RN) and PN (LPN) Programs will receive admission status letters from each program independently.  Students are asked to be patient as exact mailing dates from each program may be different.