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EN 12023 Technical Writing - This course is now required in several of the AAS degree programs in lieu of English Comp II.  The pre-req is English Comp I and Computer Fundamentals.
CP 04033 Fundamentals of Algebra II - This course is no longer offered.
Students who complete Fundamentals Of Algebra I should be enrolled in College Algebra with Review.
All of the AAS degrees are transferable to the Bachelor of Applied Science degree at UAFS and the Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Arkansas Tech. In addition, the AAS in Criminal Justice is also transferable to the BS in Criminal Justice at UAFS. Our AAS students can also pursue a Bachelor of Professional Studies from Arkansas Tech. They would choose one of the following concentration areas: Agricultural Business, Applied Leadership, Child Development, Criminal Justice, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Interdisciplinary Studies, Public Relations, or Workforce Technology. At this time, the Agricultural Business degree can't be completed online. Advisor information for the UAFS degrees is on our University Center website. 
Credit for Workplace Essentials:
If students have their National Career Readiness Certificate OR if they've completed the WORK program, they will need to apply BEFORE enrolling in classes to receive credit for Workplace Essentials. 
Requirements to obtain credit: 
  • National Career Readiness Certificate (Bronze, gold, silver, platinum)
  • Professional Resume Free of any errors 
  • Cover letter explaining why they are requesting credit, what degree plan they're enrolling in and any WORK experience that they feel is relevant to meet the requirements of a workplace essentials course. 
  • Mock interview conducted by Advisor/Placement Coordinator/ or Instructor 
  • Any documentation from a supervisor in regards to workplace ethic and professionalism 
Then the student will need to email or drop off the packet of information to Stacey Walker at the Crisp Center for review and request for credit.