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Eco-friendly Marketing: How you can Advertise Your Eco-Friendly Business

If you are unfamiliar with eco-friendly marketing also known as green marketing, you aren't alone. Most eco-friendly companies are just starting to grasp the idea of sustainability marketing. Top digital marketing agencies can help you to deliver eco-friendly message easily but firstly let’s get to know the meaning of this trending expression.

A finance friend of mine recently had a guess that eco-friendly marketing relates to all the cash sustainable companies could earn. No matter how awesome that might sounds, it’s a completely inaccurate representation.

Want to hear a better definition?

Take a look at this:

“Green marketing refers to the procedure of selling products and/or services based on their ecological benefits.”

What Does It Take To Achieve Eco-friendly Marketing

Although a lot of brands tell you they are eco-friendly, the truth is they don’t always practice eco-friendly marketing. Authenticity plays a crucial role in the operations of eco-friendly companies. Review the following tips to find out whether your business is truly in a position to implement eco-friendly marketing:

  • Your product or service and/or services are free of toxic materials and ozone-depleting qualities
  • Your product or service and/or services are created to be reusable
  • Your product are designed following eco-friendly guidelines or are created from recycled materials
  • Your product may be recycled, once used
  • Your packaging is eco-friendly, biodegradable, produced from recycled materials, could be recycled and/or is conservatively used
  • Non-eco-friendly processes of your business don’t use materials excessively

In case your brand meets all of these requirements, congratulations. You’re an authentic eco-friendly company that has the ability to ethically practice eco-friendly marketing.

Now, let’s talk about tactics. There are three important concepts necessary for your brand in order to execute effective eco-friendly marketing:

  1. Eco-friendly has to be a fundamental part of the company culture
  1. Support your community’s eco-friendly initiatives
  1. Your brand is transparent about operations, sourcing, and procedures

It must be Cultural

Being eco-friendly must be a part of your brand’s identity. Your mission and vision statements should clarify your organization’s dedication to the environment while your brand guidelines have to specify those practices that are acceptable.

Probably the most important factor isr: practice that which you preach. Eco-friendly marketing won’t work unless your business is fully dedicated to the idea of protecting the environment. What you don’t want is a disconnect between what your brand states and the things you’re actually doing.

Put eco-friendly initiatives in the center of the company culture and eco-friendly marketing turns into a natural progression in the evolution of your brand.

Leverage Your Community Support Activities

Although this isn’t specific just for eco-friendly companies, community support and interaction is an essential part of eco-friendly marketing. Being eco-friendly starts inside your neighborhood. A large facet of eco-friendly marketing involves building goodwill among your audience.

There are just two steps needed to try to establish goodwill for the brand.

Get the entire company active in the community.

Support local nonprofit organizations, community initiatives, eco-friendly programs, along with other community activities.

Provide incentives for the employees to become more involved.

Make a mandatory day each quarter where everybody will get outside and participates in group activities

Provide financial support to causes near and dear to your company’s values.

Promote your community participation.

Take pictures, shoot videos, and publish them on social networking to let your audience know that the company practices the things they preach.

Use charitable donation incentives to improve sales and audience interaction. For instance, for each dollar of the product that’s sold on Christmas Eve, the company will donate 5% to a Toys for Tots.

Use Facebook live video, Instagram stories, Periscope, along with other live social networking features during community participation events.

It could appear egotistical to speak about your organization’s good deeds so frequently but it isn't. You’re simply enabling people to realize that your company delivers on their own promises and provides more than simply words.

Be Transparent

Eco-friendly marketing puts a large focus on social responsibility. Why? Because brands need to prove their dedication to eco-friendly causes. Social responsibility within this context relates to honesty and brand authenticity.

Being transparent is a way to establish your brand’s authority as an eco-friendly organization. Try to make your eco-friendly objectives and goals public, then provide updates after you reach those individuals.

Play it Smart

There’s one factor that may burst your eco-friendly marketing bubble within the blink of the eye: excessive print marketing.

People hate whenever you discuss sustainability, going eco-friendly, and eco-friendly initiatives on reams of paper. It’s counterproductive and feels dishonest. However, if you are having trouble trying to reach your audience via truly digital means, or you possess a physical product which makes paperless impossible, there are plenty of options for recycled paper, or compostable packaging materials. If you are managing a truly eco-friendly business and wish to master eco-friendly marketing, keep in mind these simple rules.