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12 Tips for New Year Weight Loss Resolution

Does your New Year Resolution include the plant to lose weight? Without making it just another number in your New Year resolution, how do you really make it happen this year? Here’re 12 tips to help you stick to the Resolution.

Losing weight is not only about starving yourself and cardiovascular training. For a successful go at losing weight and achieving a full body transformation you need to have a combination of resistance weight training and a powerful diet which is actually 15-20 times better than cardiovascular training.

Weight Loss Resolution

  1. More fat will mean more weight. Reduce your daily intake of fat but make sure that it won’t be completely eliminated from your diet.
  2. Eat Spicy Food. Spicy food makes you sweat and therefore burns calories. If you can put up with that first sensation of hot and burning sensation, next in line to burn will be the fat that is bothering you.
  3. Drinking a lot of water will help your body by carrying away toxins helping the liver to metabolize more efficiently.
  4. Instead of taking simple carbs, take food with low glycaemic index. The best time to add to your body’s insulin’s levels is right after a workout session when insulin levels are low due to burning calories.
  5. Don’t skip meals and starve yourself. Taking 5-6 small meals per day to prevent hunger is a much more effective way of losing weight than starving yourself by skipping meals.
  6. A good night sleep is also essential to lose weight. Researches show that those who sleep well are more likely to lose weight than those who have stay up late into night.
  7. Take more fruits and vegetables to keep your diet healthy and balanced.
  8. Develop a habit of drinking Green Tea. Green Tea is proven to be a quick calorie burner and it increases your metabolism without adding to the stress levels of your body.
  9. Controlling your alcohol intake will prove quite useful in accelerating your weight loss. Not only does alcohol include a high rate of calories, it also takes away your inhibitions to stay away from other bad habits like overeating.
  10. A good workout plan that will focus on proper form, high intensity and interval training be the best way to lose weighty steadily and surely.
  11. In your off days from the work out, remember to have an off day workout routine.
  12. All of this will be super easy if you hire the services of a good personal trainer who will be working with you for a full body transformation and a new you in the New Year.

If you are starting as a personal trainer, you must keep these tips in your mind. That’s because you need to be an example to the others. When you are following these tips, you will never go wrong and you will always be able to end up with highly effective results.