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Improving your WiFi performance at home

If you are using wireless within the home the chances are when you are using your computer in the room where the wireless router is located the signal is pretty strong and you do not really experience any issues. However, when you are using your computer from other rooms in the home you may notice a significant difference in performance levels.

This is because there are many things that may be interrupting the signal between your wireless router and the computer or internet device that you are using. Of course, one of the things that your wireless router will have to content with are the walls and ceilings of your home. The signal from your router could be struggling to penetrate these, which could result in a weaker signal and reduced performance when you are using your computer or other internet enabled device from anywhere other than the room where you wireless router is situated.

The positioning of your furniture can also get in the way of the signal, again reducing performance and quality. Soft furnishings and curtain could result in the signal being dampened, which is another reason why you may be experiencing a weaker signal.

If you want to improve the signal that you are getting you need to make a few changes, and you may find that this does the trick. This includes moving furniture so that you have a clear route between your wireless router and your internet device, opening windows or curtains when in the garden to provide a clearer route for the signal to reach your internet device, and basically taking whatever measures you need to in order to reduce the number of things that are between your computer/internet device and the wireless router.

You can also consider the purchase of a repeater, which is a device that you can place between yourself and the router in order to improve the signal strength. 

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