With the competition in the market, it is a given that every practice would reach a crossroads when it comes to their growth. This is a great challenge because every medical practice wants to expand its business and a healthcare marketing agency can help you do exactly that. If you don’t reach out to them, your practice is probably going to slow down, plateau or even decline in the face of such intense competition. But, how do you select an agency? Here are some key things that you need to consider when you evaluate a prospective agency partner:


This is an essential place to get started. If your primary business objective is to get measurable results, you need to ask a prospective healthcare marketing agency to explain how they will help you in achieving your goals and objectives. What system do they use for quantifying results, measuring and then reporting return on investment (ROI)? If they are unable to explain meaningful and measurable goals and how they will help in supporting them, it is definitely a red flag.

Experience in the industry

In the healthcare industry, any kind of marketing experience won’t do. Why? This is mostly because doctors are held to higher regulatory influences and standards and prior experience is quite important. The agency you select has to understand this and you need to take a look at their present and past clients to check their experience.

Digital experience

Digital and online capabilities have become more crucial than ever, especially where a medical practice is concerned. Ask the healthcare marketing agency to provide recent examples of the digital presence they have helped create or another client. Talk to them about mobile site requirements, local search, search engine optimization and support for it. If digital advertising and marketing are not key strengths of the agency, you need to look at another agency.

The way they charge

Don’t wait for the first invoice to come in. It is necessary to agree on billing, budget and payments before you start working together. You need to be on the same page as the agency when it comes to fees, rates, retainers as well as any potential ‘extra’ charges. It is best to be agree in advance about changes and approvals. Unexpected financial surprises can create a lot of problems in the future.

Don’t just focus on portfolios

Any healthcare agency that’s worth its sale will obviously have a powerful and impressive portfolio. This will probably include print ads, television, websites, brochures, logos, digital ads and more. Yes, this indicates their capabilities and experience, but the question is that do these work? What was the purpose behind this work and was it effective? Ask the agency to provide you with a quantified measure of their success. A good one such as Devicepharm.com will be able to provide you with proof to show you their skills and how effective they are.

Personality and style

Many marketing agencies tend to have a certain personality, which encompasses their particular style and creative culture that they lean towards. It might be traditional and reserved or young and trendy or somewhere in between. Consider this when you are looking for an agency to represent your practice. Know what your practice is and what voice you want to project in the market. When you understand your culture and personality, it will help you in selecting an agency that reflects your image in the best possible way.

As long as you consider these factors, you will have the right healthcare marketing agency for your medical practice.