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emulation group

Your Students' Grades

StudentFinal Grade
Davis, Natalie B (89.02%)
Hill, Amy L B (87.06%)
Horrell, Whitney E A (90.82%)
Johnson, Danielle W B (82.79%)
Lee, Laura L D (64.59%)
Maclin, Paul C F (37.13%)
Meloche, Ms. Dea A (106.23%)
Sammons, Dennis A (93.77%)
Sayre, Peggy A A (98.03%)
Sisemore, Belinda F (21.17%)
zFieber, David F (0%)

Guest Students

StudentFinal Grade
Fieber, Dave F (0%)
guest, guest F (0%)

Withdrawn Students

StudentFinal Grade
Willard, Natalie F (4.26%)
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