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Male Enhancement

Drug therapy:

The drug may be taken about five hours before intercourse. The results have proved to be very effective with the daily dosages and after a while the men have actually reduced medication and used them conveniently whenever they were expecting to have a sexual intercourse.

On the horizon:

There is a drug in the last clinical trial phase that is designed particularly to treat Male Enhancement.


Even though Male Enhancement is a frequent and annoying problem, the male health centre had great achievement in treating the problem. Often, marital and relationship problems were an underlying cause of Male Enhancement.

Recent studies have revealed that Male Enhancement can have adverse effects on relationships and self confidence. These problems should also be explained to improve the accomplishment of the therapy.

Here is a list of things that don’t work in treating Male Enhancement:

• Psychoanalysis for long term

• Consuming alcohol

• By using more condoms

• Concentrating and focusing on something else other than sex while having sexual intercourse

• Biting cheek of your partner as a distraction

• Repeated masturbation

• Injections of testosterone

• Sedatives