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VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus can help men with cardiovascular disease to improve their sexual function. Traction devices can be used by men irrespective of general health status for sexual enhancement. VigRX Plus can be combined with herbal pills and local penis exercises for synergestic actions on sexual health. 


Diagnostic Measures and Treatment Plan  


The risk to mortality is high with stroke and myocardial infarction. Maintenance of blood pressure and cholesterol levels can help reduce the odds to morbidity in older men. 


The rate of recurrence of the above medical emergencies increases with age. The lowering of bad cholesterol can help increase longevity in heart patients. VigRX Plus accommodates micturition there by allowing for extended periods of wear. Traction devices can be combined with herbal penis pills for beneficial action on gonadal blood vessels.  


Disease Conditions and Prescription Drugs


The long term use of prescription drugs that lower cholesterol referred to as statins may have certain side effects. A poor penile measure at birth is seen in men with “micropenis” condition. VigRX Plus brings about uniform increase in penile measure with flaccid and erect states.


The condition is reported in about one percent of the average male population. Surgical procedures that offer a normal functioning average sized penis have significant long term side effects. There can be permanent loss of erectile function, penile sensitivity and aesthetics from invasive actions for penis growth.