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College Student Food for Emergencies

With the rise in college campus emergencies, power outages, and violence, it's important for college students to be prepared and ready for anything. That means they should be ready for a food shortage or at least have meals ready if the power goes out and the campus cafeterias are not working or open.

The best thing that students can do to be prepared is have disaster meal packs ready in their dorm rooms. This way they will be prepared for any type of food shortage or power outage. They will also be able to supplement their college meal plan in case they run out of meals by the end of the week.

Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty common thing on college campuses. College students misjudge the amount of meals they need, so they order a small meal plan that doesn't give them enough food for the week. Thus, they need to have something extra in their dorm room in case they get hungry after the meal plan runs out.