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Porn-Induced ED

Sensitive Issue that Affects Men’s Health

Modern society faced a burning problem such as porn-induced erectile dysfunction. This type of erectile dysfunction develops when a man cannot be sexually aroused, attain an erection, and reach orgasm with a real partner. Only porn watching during masturbation can bring sexual satisfaction. As various study findings show, porn addiction is a very common problem among young men (20-30-year-olds) and even very young men (under 20-year-olds).

To successfully address a challenge posed by porn-induced ED, it is crucial to understand that both medical and psychological approaches to problem solving have to be used. So, first of all, a man may need psychotherapy to acknowledge that the problem really exists. Then the actual treatment is needed. In most cases, to overcome porn-related ED, men have to unconditionally refuse to watch porno. According to the research results, 2-3 months are usually enough to restore a sexual function in men without any additional measures. However, if any concomitant disease is available, the doctor can prescribe erectile dysfunction drugs after a comprehensive physical examination.

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