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Elegant Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that will Excite You

Just last week, my sister faced a dilemma that she sought my help for. There were two options for home improvement in front of her but the budget is limited. Therefore, she had to make a choice between room redesign or kitchen remodeling.


She was so indecisive that she had a fight with her husband because she wanted to take the two options. For justifiable reasons, his husband would not allow it. He even accused her of being too whimsical and unreasonable. When a wife hears this from the husband, you know a big fight is about to start.


Long story short, my sister decided to just go for the second one, kitchen remodeling not only because she was able to consult kindhearted and talented hdb plumber contractors, but because she got so excited with the many ways that she could fill her kitchen with so much style and elegance through these wonderful fixtures. Let’s take a peek on her choices.


Wall-Mounted Sleek Faucet

So she has always been a fan of minimalist and sophisticated home items and fixtures. When her HDB plumber pointed out to her this extraordinary faucet design, she immediately fell in love with how it looks. But what made her order it online right away is the fact that it’s actually certified to be water-efficient.


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Handcrafted Marble Kitchen Sink and Counter

Creative and out-of-the-box as she is, my friend settled with a gorgeous marble solid sink that you wouldn’t see in a normal home kitchen. It is deeper than the usual sink and is almost a perfect square in shape. It suits her kitchen best since the sleek, minimalist faucet lacks glamour. It’s elegant-looking, yes. But it’s not that noticeable. But when attached to a sink like this, the two complement each other perfectly. She opted to have the exact same design and color for the counters so there will be a uniform look in this side of the house.

Plain White Kitchen Cabinets with Glasses

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Just when you think kitchen remodeling ends with counter, sink, and faucet, there’s actually another winning element in this home area - kitchen cabinets. My friend’s kitchen used to have bare floating shelves because she wanted a really rustic look for the kitchen when they first transferred to this house. But she experienced some inconveniences, like weak storage capacity of bare wall mounted shelves. This time, she opted for a wooden kitchen cabinet right above the counters, that are painted with plain white. She specifically requested for glass windows in front of the cabinet so as to still display her kitchen ware which is her biggest collection. Well, I cannot agree more that this perfects the sophisticated look of her kitchen.


If you’re facing the same challenge as she did before getting her kitchen remodelled, just be honest enough in assessing what you really need for the moment. If budget is tight, it is better to take the same route as my friend did because kitchens are usually more prone to wear and tear damage as compared to bedrooms.