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  • Marketing Exam 2 Chapters 5-8 Exam in Chapters 5-8
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  • Length: 20 questions
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1. What are the three selective processes that we use to gather and intrepret information?  Please give examples.

2. List three examples of the types of modern life cycles stages and give an example of something that would purchase.

3. What are three types of problem solving levels? please give examples.
4.  Identify the 6 step process of the adoption process.
5. Explain what is meant by a hierarchy of needs and provide and examples of one or more products that enable you to satisfy each of the four levels on need.
6. Identify the different roles and  explain and give a real life example of one the barriers that that any of these roles can create.

7. Identify the three types of organizational buying processes and give examples of each.

8. What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?
9. What is reciprocity and is ethical? Give an example to justify your answer.
10.  Explain why a customer might be willing to work more cooperatively with a small number of suppliers rather than pitting suppliers in a competition against each other. Give an example that illustrates your points.
11. List the 5 steps of the Marketing Research Process.
12. Define and give an example of secondary data?
Explain the difference between Quantitative and Qualitative Research?
Identify three types of surveys and give an advantage and disadvantage of both.
Define response rate  and discuss why a marketing manager might be concerned with about the response rate achieved in a particular survey. Give an example.
List the Four types of consumer product classes and give an example.
Define Heterogeneous shopping products and why is it so important to retailers to have this characteristic? 
Identify the 5 levels of brand familarity.
Is there any difference between a brand name and a trademark? If so, why is this difference important?
In the past ,Sears emphasized its own dealer brands. Now it is carrying more well known manufacturer brands. What are the benefits to Sears of carrying more manufacturer brands?
This is the end of the test. You can go back and review/change your answers, or you can submit your work. Once you submit the test for grading you will not be able to change your answers and will not be able to review the questions or answers until the graded test is returned to you.