Starting a business while studying for the CFA exam or going to college may seem like a daunting task for most students. This might be because of the time, energy and resources required to start a new venture. However, the college offers the best environment for new entrepreneurs. There are many advantages that come with starting a business while still young and in college. This article highlights some of the few reasons why you should start a business while on campus.


1. You’ll have Low Risks but High Rewards

Starting a business while in college is a brilliant idea mainly because you have very few things to lose if any. More often than not, students don’t own a lot of things while in college and they also have just a few commitments that can weigh them down from focusing their attention on the business. However, this does not mean that the approach you should take towards starting your business should be casual. The time that you spend in college will be over before you can comprehend what’s going on and when this finally happens, the risks that will be tagging along will be significantly higher. The first experience can be obtained in resume writing service as a professional who complete different writing tasks.


2. Campus Resources Will Be At Your Disposal

One of the other reasons as to why you should be keen on starting a business when in college is due to the resources that are available to you while there. Some of these include fast internet connectivity, free consults from the best of professors who provide good and workable frameworks for student startups and many other amenities that could cost you a fortune when you leave campus. As much as you’re paying tuition fees and also taxes to entitle you to such resources, you should as well make the best out of them while you still can. One of the ways in which you can fully utilize them is by starting a business.


3. Real World Education

While in college, vast amounts of time are spent in classrooms trying to get hold of various concepts. However, as much as this is beneficial to you as a student, starting a business is one of the best bridges that connect applied concepts to the material that’s taught in class. There are very few things that will help you accelerate your mental growth than building a company. Why not try this out when you’re at the peak of developing your mental depth while in college?


4. Accessible Customers

Students are one of the most valuable resources that can assist in the refinement and actualization of your business ideas. They do not only provide a cheap market, but they also give you great feedback because they tell you what they actually feel about your business. In the event that they do not love what you’re offering, they will tell you straight to your face.


5. It is Career Building

Even though you were to start your business while in college and it winds up failing terribly, you will have the advantage of getting a great plus to your resume because of trying it out. Beginning the business journey while in college indicates that you are creative, proactive and well self-driven. Often times, these are among the qualities that big and successful companies search for in their potential employees thus giving you an advantage over your contemporaries who have no start-up business associated with them.



While at college, you have all the time that you need to experiment with your business software and ideas and find one that suits you well. There will be a few setbacks but that should not discourage you from realizing your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Learn from your mistakes and push forward to reach your goals.