After high school what next? Do you desire to win a position in one of the most prestigious universities in the United States? Well, this article is going to give the critical tips that will make you write an award-winning admission essay that will guarantee you a place in one of the most prestigious universities.

Anyone can write a college application that stands out by working step-by-step. Always take time and plan extensively to write an essay that shares something about you and makes the audience excited

Get to know what is required of you

The secret to writing a perfect college essay is to make sure that you fully understand the essay prompt.  Begin by defining what you are trying to accomplish. Research the school of your dreams and understand their prowess, games they participate in and what they excel. You should be able to highlight the skills that will benefit the school when writing an admission essay.


Brainstorm all the possible ideas you can think of to develop a quality admission essay. Begin by writing down points why you like to study a particular subject. What are some of your motivations, aspirations and how what you are planning to study going to help you achieve your life and career goals?

List down your strengths and focus on highlighting them. Remember to highlight some of your skills and talents and how they may benefit the college if they admit you.

Create an outline

Outline by arranging the different points in a manner that will be captivating. After brainstorming, you will have an idea what you are going to present, but you must decide how you are going to say your story. Create an outline that breaks down the different ideas into different sections.

Begin with an interesting introduction

Admission officers go through countless admission essays from day to day and may not bother to read your essay to the end if the introduction is not captivating. Think of how you are going to open your essay. You can begin your essay by posing a question, using anecdote. The introduction can be a compelling personal experience that made you want to do nursing for example. You can also begin your introduction by writing what intrigues you about the college you want to join.

Write the rest of the essay

The best practice is to organize your thoughts and ideas into meaningful sentences. Use topic sentences in each new paragraph. Support your points by giving examples of real-life experiences (but ensure these experiences are those that makes you look focused and passionate about achieving specific education and life goals).

Proofread the final admission essay

Once you are through with writing the essay, it is essential to thoroughly proofread your article before submitting as grammatical errors and typos could convey to the admission essay officer that you are careless. Relax for an hour or even a day before proofreading your essay. Have some of your friends and relatives to have a look at your essay. It is good to have your friends and relative or a reputable cheap custom writing service to review your essay before submitting.