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This Hollywood classic is well known as well for its cinematographic unicity as well as for its unbelievably enticing soundtrack. Directed by notorious Quentin Tarantino and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman and John Travolta, it reveals the story of two hitman caught up in rather philosophical dilemmas. Their stories are intertwined with their boss’ life, Mr. Marsellus Wallace, a boxer played by Bruce Willis and an infamous fixer, played by Harvey Keitel. Pulp Fiction, released in 1990, is a hilarious combination of violent American gangster movie, noir films and regular crime movie plots. Its uniqueness and innovative storyline with its fragmented structures places it number three on our best movie list. An extended length movie, stretching over 152 minutes, it has been nominated for many awards and has made movie history ever since its first launch. It’s been watched by generations and generations who still rave about its authentic, new flair. A must watch, without question one of the best movies of our times, and is certainly not adequate for younger eyes due to its increasingly violent and sexual nature. One of my personal favorites of all time. Best Movies

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