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Appearance and design elements have a huge impact on user’s opinion when choosing a service or product provider. It shows your level of professionalism in the field. The customers are often hesitant to invest a larger amount of money in a website or a logo because they think that it will never pay off however they make a huge mistake. Wise investment always pays off and brings significant benefits in the future. Creative design is a great opportunity to attract new customers. It is necessary to understand the customer's needs and their reaction towards your product in the internet. Only then we can determine exactly what type of design or logo you need. Logotipu kurimas

Designing a website is completely different from designing a high converting website. There are many factors you need to take into account to create a website that converts your website visitors into paying customers. With increasing competition, it is important to stand out and get noticed with your website otherwise, your website will be lost in an ocean of other websites.

Professional web design Dubai companies know this very well which is why they focus on factors that help websites to grab visitor’s attention and deliver a smooth user experience along with quick access to information. This increases the chances of your website visitors converting into leads.

Here are seven simple, yet effective hacks to generate more conversions from your website.

  • Highlight the Value Proposition

As competition is heating up, it is important to differentiate your website and brand from others. To do so, you need to highlight your unique selling proposition (USP) and be clear about the value proposition your website or brand deliver to your customers. When designing your website, the focus should be on your value proposition and everything else should come next.

If you make it hard for your website visitors to find your value propositions and unique selling proposition, your website conversion rate will hit an all-time low. As a business, you cannot afford that so you should bring your unique selling propositions and value proposition at the forefront. This will help visitors understand the value your brand is delivering and why your brand is different from others, which will increase their chances of converting into loyal customers.

  • Make Website Navigation a Breeze

You visit a website and could not find the navigation buttons to browse to different pages on the website. After a while, you find out that navigation buttons are hidden under a hamburger icon. What will be your first impression be on the website? I can bet it will not be good, right. Make your website navigation as simple as possible and place navigation button at a prominent place where every visitor can see it easily.

The more time user spends in figuring out how to navigate to different pages of your website, the worst it will be for your website’s conversion rate. A bad first experience means that not only does the user abandon your website and jump to any other website but it will never come back to your website again.

  • Provide Visual Cues and Use Predictable Layout

You are a web designer and has command over a particular tool but if you are asked to develop a website on another tool that has a similar interface as your old web design software, what will be your reaction? You will feel right at home, right. Similarly, if you use a predictable layout for your website and follow the standards, your website visitors will feel right at home as soon as they land on your website. You can further enhance the user experience by giving visual cues to the users when needed. This will make it extremely easy for users to browse through your website and acquire the information they are looking for.

  • Go Responsive or Go Home

Google has made its intentions clear by launching a separate index for mobile websites and launching accelerated mobile pages. Google is aggressive pushing non-mobile friendly down its search results. With mobile internet users surpassing desktop internet users, it is time to consider investing in a responsive website. With more people accessing the web through mobile devices, a responsive website is necessary. With a responsive website, you can deliver a much smoother user experience irrespective of which device your user is using to access the web. It is easier to maintain and updates.

  • Amplify Call to Action

Congratulations! A user has landed on your website and has skimmed through your content but what’s next? That is where a call to action comes into play. You want your website visitors to take the desired action after they have acquired the information they are looking for. Tell users what to do by adding a call to action at a prominent place on your website. You can increase its size use colors and write catchy taglines to lure users into clicking on your call to action. When it comes to calling to actions, “the bigger the better” formula works. This will help you to take the conversion rate of your website to a completely new level.

  • Minimize the User Clicks and Input

What do you expect from a website when you land on it? Is it the lengthy forms, complex procedures, a lesser number of clicks, or less input? I am sure that most of you might have chosen the former. The user expects quick response and access to information without much effort and you can easily give them that by reducing the number of clicks and input. This goes a long way in enhancing the user experience of your website. Your website visitors need convenience, which is why they are visiting your website in the first place but if you don’t give them that, they will quickly abandon your website and look for other options.

  • Consistency in Branding is Key

Last, but certainly not the least is consistency with branding. Although, this might seem obvious but still many brands make the mistake of being inconsistent when it comes to branding, which negatively impacts their brand image and user perception. As soon as a user sees any kind of inconsistency when it comes to branding, the first word that comes to their mind is “unprofessional”.

There is nothing worst for a brand than to see their brand image dented. Although, a logo is an important part of branding it goes well beyond that too. You need to consistent with everything including colors, style, fonts, images, and slogans both online and offline in order to make an impact on your website visitors and persuade them to convert into customers.

Which web design tricks do you use to boost your website conversion rate? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.