Schedule Codes


F2F:  (Traditional, Face-to-Face (F2F) classroom)  Course is offered entirely in a face-to-face classroom setting.


MM:  (Multi-Modal)  The student chooses which format he/she wishes to attend the class as it will be offered face-to-face in a classroom, through ZOOM real-time, and as an INET course. Students may choose any combination of these platforms throughout the semester. Additionally, the MM courses are recorded so that students may view the class at different times.


INET:  (Internet)  Course offered online only.


ZOOM I:  (ZOOM INET)  Zoom teleconferencing course with no face-to-face class. All participants (including instructor) Zoom remotely on specified days and times.


ZOOM O:  (ZOOM Optional)  Students have the option to attend class face-to-face or to Zoom in from a remote location. The instructor will be in the face-to-face classroom. 


INET ST:  (Internet for Steel Technology)  Courses offered online only. These courses are for the online Steel Technology Degree students.     


INET HS:  (Internet High School)  Early College Program courses offered online only and available to high school students only.


ZOOM I HS:  (ZOOM Internet for High School)  Early College Program courses taught via ZOOM. No face-to-face classroom. Available to high school students only.


AHS:  Traditional, Face-to-Face (F2F) classroom taught at Armorel High School for Armorel Students.

Note:  Allied Health and Allied Technologies courses have labs that may require face-to-face attendance regardless of mode offered.



Audition Required:  Approval required to enroll

PLUS:  Lab course required as a co-requisite