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Schedule Codes

CLASSROOM: (Traditional, live classroom)  Course offered entirely in a live classroom setting.

INET (Internet): Course offered online only.

ZOOM I  (ZOOM INET): Zoom teleconferencing course with no live class. All participants (including instructor) Zoom remotely on specified days and times.

ZOOM O  (ZOOM Optional): Students have the option to attend class live or to Zoom in from a remote location. The instructor will be in the live classroom. Note: Allied Health courses have labs that must be face-to-face.

INET HS  (Internet High School): Early College Program courses offered online only and available to high school students only.

INET ST  (Internet for Steel Technology): Courses offered online only. These courses are for the online Steel Technology Degree students.     

ZOOM I HS  (ZOOM Internet for High School): Early College Program courses taught via ZOOM. No live classroom. Available to high school students only.

AHS: (Traditional, live classroom taught at Armorel High School for Armorel Students)



ALP: English Comp I Lab course required co-requisite.

Audition Required: Approval Required to enroll

PLUS: Math Apps Plus lab course required co-requisite



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