ANC Mail, powered by Google Apps Education Edition (Gmail), is a service consisting of several applications branded for Arkansas Northeastern College, including email, calendaring, instant messaging, and document storage and sharing.

All employees, adjunct faculty and students
are provided with document sharing, instant messaging, better spam control and massive amounts of disk space for e-mail storage. 

Student email address format:
ex:   (Note: 3 periods)

Employee email address format:
ex:  (Note: 2 periods)

Our exclusive Google Apps site is 

All College email correspondence will use your ANC mail address.  Check it often!


1. Log in to your  ANC Mail powered by Google account by opening a web browser and browsing to or use the link in the myANC sidebar.

2. Students - use your first and last name, separated by a period to log in. Your password default is your Student ID.



Username: john.doe
Password: *********


You will be required to change your password the first time you log in.*  Remember your new password!
*Logging in to your ANC Mail account indicates agreement to ANC's email policies and guidelines.  Read them here.
Be sure to read the  ANC Mail policies Training videos are available for  ANC Mail (Gmail), as well as Google Docs, Google CalendarGoogle Sites and Google Talk.