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High efficacy of Hoodia is a result of multifaceted action of its natural ingredients. The list of these ingredients is as follows:

  • Hoodia. It’s a naturally occurring substance the main function of which is to transfer fatty acids to the place of their intracellular cleavage. This substance takes an active part in the process of energy production for which fat is used.
  • Hoodia Extract. This orchid extract is known for its ability to improve digestion. Due to the effect of stimulating the central nervous system, dendrobium also promotes fat burning.
  • Hoodia. It contains many biologically active substances which promote the activation of fat metabolism.
  • Hoodia Pepper. This spice has long been known for its unrivaled ability to accelerate metabolism. It’s also a thermogenic substance that slows the accumulation of fat deposits and suppresses the hunger feeling.
  • Hoodia. The extract boosts metabolic rate. As a result, the fat splitting process starts. And, therefore, the substance helps with weight loss, while the body gets more energy.