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5 Styles of Bishop Rings That You Need To Know

Bishop rings are linked to a rich history. They have received a lot of attention in today’s world as well. They were used as a part of the attire of Catholic bishops back in the day. In fact, these rings clearly indicated the relationship that the Bishops have with the God. In addition, it has the ability to signify devotion associated with marriage at the church.

If you are about to spend your money and purchase Christian Bishop Rings, you need to have a clear understanding about the different styles of them as well. In fact, there are 5 main styles of the Bishop Rings. Below mentioned are some quick facts that you will need to know about these different Bishop Rings.

Bishop Rings

  1. Christian crosier rings

The Christian crosier rings look like the crook of a shepherded. Bishops back in the day carried these rings as a symbol, which represents the governing office. The crosier symbol has been added into these rings as a design element. They usually come along with a flat top.

  1. Christian crown rings

The Christian crown rings represent ultimate authority and royalty. The symbols can usually be found on the two sides of the ring. Often these rings come along with an amethyst stone, which sits on the top. The crown symbol that you can find in these rings is in a position to deliver an elegant as well as a luxurious look to the ring. In most of the Christian crown rings, you will be able to discover a purple colored amethyst stone being used.

  1. Ruby bishop ring

The ruby bishop rings have received a lot of attention for their ability to deliver a unique look and feel. A deep red color is being used in most of the ruby bishop rings that you will be able to purchase. They deliver a graceful and an elegant look to the rings. These rings are being worn by both men as well as women. In addition, these rings are made with both silver and gold bands.

  1. Women’s bishop rings

The bishop rings were initially used as men’s rings. However, the demand for bishop rings have given life to women bishop rings in the recent past. They have become extremely popular among ladies who live out there in all parts of the world. These rings come along with an elegant and a sleek design. In addition, you will be able to discover an oval shape in the women’s bishop rings as well.

  1. Cross bishop rings

This can be considered as the most traditional symbol that is being used in the bishop rings. They have received a lot of attention in today’s world as well. The symbol that is being used in these rings are recognizable. In addition to the unique style, you will be able to discover some significant variations in the design of the ring as well. They are also being designed by introducing the crucifix symbol of Jesus.